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12″ Numbers & Letters
Horizontally or Vertically Mounted

Everlast12” Tall Numbers & Letters
For outdoor use, all numbers and letters are “molded-in” and UV protected … not simply painted or screened. Deluxe, polyolefin-plastic, EVERLAST signs withstand saltwater, acid rain, groundwater, chemicals, alkalies, acid solutions and temperatures from -40 to +200 degrees F.

Everlast  Aerial Surveillance A-Frames

With 12” numbers and letters that won’t wear out!Our A-Frames (dog houses) are made of strong, extruded aluminum parts. They have pre-punched holes and come with vandal proof nuts and bolts. They are shipped unassembled and therefore are less expensive, easier to ship and easier to carry. (Or, we can pre-assemble). Because these frames are attached to posts or stakes of various shapes & sizes, the attachment brackets will be made to fit the application.