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FASTTAG Miniature Markers

Numbers & Letters
Horizontally or Vertically Mounted

FastTags…Miniature Markers

The marketing system with … Endless Applications!

No matter what it is you have to identify, TAGS can do it. These 3D-Tags with highly-raised characters remain legible … even in low light, oily or dusty environments … even if they are painted over! They are available with orange or yellow background colors. The raised characters are hot stamped with the highest quality UV stable foil.

The same tags and holders can be used both vertically or horizontally. This eliminates the need for dual inventories. The holders can be mounted using cable ties, nails, screws or adhesive.

Comes in packs of 10 cards … 25 letters per card.

The tags are available with yellow or orange background colors, are non conductive and non corroding. Assembling the polymer tags into the holder is a breeze, no more fumbling and frustration.


Poly Fasttag Holders