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Tech 3D
Metal Pole Markers
Embossed Metal Pole Markers
Rectangle-Round-End … or Circular
Unpainted, embossed aluminum or brass. Raised embossed copy last the life of the pole. The higly defined characters are legible forever. Please specify size
Numbers & Letters
Vertically Mounted

EVERLAST … 1” Pole & Cable Tags
Solid black polypropylene characters are permanently embedded in the bright yellow or orange polypropylene background. (Also white on black). You can cut it, scratch it, even dig into it with little or no effect on the embedded character

Everlast … Poly or Aluminum 1” Tag Holders
Hold 1 to 30 of our 0.70” tall characters. Holders have holes for nails and are slotted for mounting with cable ties. For larger capacity, please call 800-221-1311.