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We manufacture substation signs, pole tags, cable markers mile markers, linemarkers and tower tags

After spending 34 years in the identification products business, I’d seen laminates, adhesives, and paints fade, wear and fall. I has an epiphany one day and came up with an idea for tags and signs that could withstand the elements and extremely hasrsh conditions, year after year. After much testing and refining, that brainstorm developed into EVERLAST, a product of which I am extremely proud because it delivers what it promises.

EVERLAST products are made of thick, high impact polyolefins with copy and pictograms that are permanently embedded and impervious to sun, wind, rain, fumes, acid and alkali solutions, salt water, temprature variations or humidity.

EVERLAST is the only sign and identification product to be subjected to the rigors of UL testing to prove its extreme durability. Over the past decade, hundreds of astute companies, utilises and government entities have saved thousands of dollars in signage replacement costs by specifying EVERLAST for their identification and accident prevention signs.

Isn’t it time you learned more about EVERLAST? Please give us a call at 1-800-221-1311.