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Pole Tags, Markers, and Plates

Tech 3D

Metal Pole Markers

Embossed Metal Pole Markers
Rectangle-Round-End … or Circular
Unpainted, embossed aluminum or brass. Raised embossed copy last the life of the pole. The higly defined characters are legible forever. Please specify size

Tech 3D

Metal Pole Plates

Embossed Metal Plates
TECH-3D, deep embossed … Metal Pole Plates are available in aluminum or stainless steel. Raised embossed copy will last the life of the pole. Square or round corners. Holes for mounting

Tech 3D

Cable & Valve Tags

Embossed Metal Cable & Valve Tags
TECH-3D Embossed “UnPainted” Cable & Valve Tags are easily read without paint or ink for contrast. Ideal for labeling or identifying: Use Tech’s stamped, consecutive numbering option for your products’ serial numbers, etc. Custom Shapes Available!