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High Voltage Sign

EVERLAST  High Voltage Signs

3½” x 14” EVERLAST High Voltage Signs meet California (and some other state’s) requirements.

Why pay for 2 journeymen and a bucket truck every 2 to 5 years … to replace signs that can’t be read? EVERLAST will remain legible at least 30 years! … we guarantee it!

Deluxe, polyolefin-plastic, EVERLAST signs withstand saltwater, acid rain, groundwater, chemicals, alkalies, acid solutions and temperatures from -40 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Letters are “molded-in” and go all the way through-the-sign.

Ground Markers

EVERLAST Ground Markers

In Sizes:

5” x 7”

5” x 10”

High impact polypropylene with excellent cold impact resistance. UV protectors and antioxidants added to material provide complete protection and weather resistance in all climates.

Wrap Around

EVERLAST  Wrap-Around Cable Markers

Several Colors … Lengths from 4” to 10”

Use these wrap-around markers to mark your cable and pipes. Simply uncurl and applu. These sturdy markers hug the wite and never let go. You can also write on them with a Shrapie pen. These come in lengths of 4” to 10” and can snap around cables or pipes from ½” to 4” in diameter. Outdoor grade, UV stabilized, calendared vinyl.