Nuts & Bolts

EVERLAST … Nuts, Bolts & Washers
010-047000 NBA 5/16th” Aluminum Break-A-Way Nut.
Requires a standard wrench or Visegrip for installation. When nut is tight, keep twisting firmly to break off hex head.

010-036500 BOW2 5/16th” x 2” One Way Vandal Resistant Bolt
Zinc plated steel head of bolt cut away for one way tightening only straight edge screw driver. Use with NBA breakaway nut.

010-022501 SAVE1 2” x 3” Square Washer.
Ribbed aluminum One 3/8” diameter hole. Mount between sign and post.

020-0203 Threaded, Aluminum Wire Fence Brackets. 1½” x 4”.
Comes with two 5/16” x 2” one way screws.