High-Quality Pavement Markers

At Tech Products, we understand the critical role that pavement markers play in road safety and infrastructure maintenance. Since 1948, we’ve specialized in providing top-tier, durable marking solutions for curbs, sidewalks, and streets. Our Tech-3D™ Pavement Markers are not only a testament to our commitment to quality but also to our dedication to innovation in the industry.

Why Choose Our Tech-3D™ Pavement Markers?

  • Deep Embossed Durability: Our pavement markers are crafted with deep embossing techniques, ensuring that each marker is capable of withstanding high traffic areas, harsh weather conditions, and the test of time.
  • Lifetime Legibility: Featuring brilliant, baked enamel colors and highly raised copy and design relief, our markers guarantee permanent legibility, ensuring that they remain as visible as the day they were installed.
  • Material Strength: Made from robust materials like Stainless Steel and Aluminum or Brass, our pavement markers are designed to resist wear and tear from pedestrian and roadway traffic.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for various environments, our pavement markers can be securely anchored with adhesives (epoxy), directly into the surface with their built-in hardware, making installation a breeze for any utility.
  • Customization to Meet Your Needs: With a range of stock legends to choose from, or the option to work with our graphics team for a custom design, we cater to the specific requirements of your community or project.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment to durability is also a commitment to the environment, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the associated waste.

Investing in the Community with Every Marker

We pride ourselves on creating pavement markers that serve more than just a functional purpose – they are a statement of our dedication to community safety and sustainability. Our pavement markers are a crucial tool in:

  • Highlighting critical infrastructure like storm drains, spillways, and sewers
  • Ensuring clear and visible communications for utility lines and emergency services
  • Assisting in the protection of fragile ecosystems by marking environmental hazards

Your Partner in Road Safety

Tech Products is not just a supplier; we are your partner in ensuring that every road, lane, and path is marked with the highest quality and most durable pavement markers on the market. With over 70 years of manufacturing experience, we are the industry standard-bearers for products that last.

For more information, request a quote online, contact us today at 800-221-1311.

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